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              Ken Alba (John)

​A native of Boston, Ken is a multi-instrumentalist who strives for absolute accuracy in the presentation of his music. As a former member of local favorites, "The Backbeats" and currently "Yesterday Today", as well as portraying Paul in the Mystery Tour Band, Ken contributes an uncanny ability to present the material in its original form both vocally and instrumentally. "I'm really looking forward to this project as I've always wanted to portray John."

        Ralph Marcario (Paul)

Ralph brings more multi-instrumental experience to Penny Lane from Upstate NY, where he has played in numerous rhythm and blues and classic rock bands in both NY and CT...including "Yesterday Today', the precursor for Penny Lane.  He is yet another lifelong fan of the Beatles, especially the rich harmonies their music showcases, lending his vocal range to the role of Paul.

         John Zele (George)

The band I compare all others to!  The Beatles set the bar impossibly high for creating inventive rock and roll with great melodies and harmonies.  I’ve played music with all the musicians in Penny Lane for many years and if there’s a group of guys who can accurately recreate all that goes into making these tunes special this is it!  For shear enjoyment playing these songs for an audience that loves the music of the Beatles as much as we do is about as good as it gets.

         Dick Furanna (Ringo)

"As many of our contemporaries would agree, seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan in early 1964 was the start of it all for me. Moving from piano to drums and wanting to play like Ringo was all consuming and after many years of involvement in Beatles and British Invasion bands, playing the Beatles music is still magic for me. Also, being able to play with awesome musicians and good friends is icing on the cake. Penny Lane excels on every level and is just a lot of fun too!"

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